From Disney to The Red Light District

Behind the scenes of Kid Cudi's "Marijuana" music video directed by Shia Labeaof

Shia LaBeaouf teams up with Kid Cudi┬áto direct his hit single “Marijuana” from his last released album Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager. The video is based on Cudi’s venture at a house party & back stage in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where reefer has been decriminalized. Throughout the whole video cannabis is being admired & smoked with no hesitations, everyone’s looking like they’re enjoying themselves to the fullest. The Day ‘N Nite hitmaker has long been on a mission to work with LaBeouf previously saying, “I feel like I’m doing the Shia Labeouf in music.” Now kick back, relax & light one up… Enjoy the music video !

Kid Cudi- Marijuana (Offical Music Video) Directed by Shia LaBeaouf

4 Responses to From Disney to The Red Light District

  1. Fluffy Muffin says:

    This video is sickkk!

  2. CaliGirl says:

    Wow ! This is crazy I can’t believe it… but NARLEY video Shia and Cudi !!!! LOOOVVEEE THIS SONG ! <3

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